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Come join our Washington ECC family for the 2022-2023 school year.   Please click on the link below, scroll to the bottom of the page, and fill out our pre-application for enrollment.


Upon receipt of the online pre-application a Washington staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment for complete

Ahora Tomando Aplicaciones

Aplique en linea hoy

Visite el sitio web para completar su Pre-aplicacion

Una vez recibida la PRE-solicitud en linea, un miembro del personal de Head Start se pondra en contacto con usted para programar la entrevista de seguimiento


Head Start  Registration for Washington ECC for the 2022-2023 school year will begin March 28.

 You will need to call one of the numbers             below during the week of March 28 to make an appointment for registration.


Olga Lara @ 903 727-2615
Irene Lara @903 727-2616
Benita Guzman @ 903 727-2617
Byronne Barnes @ 903 727-2619





Washington is a PreK Campus.  Your child must be     3 years old before or on September 1, 2022 OR;         4 years old before or on September 1, 2022 in order to register and attend Washington.


Registration for the 2022-2023 school year will begin March 28, 2022.  You will need to call one of the numbers below during the week of March 28 to make an appointment for registration


Olga Lara @ 903 727-2615
Irene Lara @903 727-2616
Benita Guzman @ 903 727-2617
Byronne Barnes @ 903 727-2619



Washington ECC is a Head Start Campus.   Things you will need to bring with you;

  Birth Certificate-Original only(not a complimentary hospital    one)  For a small fee you may request an official copy at TX.  Department of State Health Services, then under "Online Services"

  • Proof of Income - 2021 Income Tax Return, Supplemental Security Income or TANF
  • Social Security Card - Child and Parent
  • Shot record - Must be up-to-date
  • Proof of Residency-Utility bill( electric, gas or water bill)
  • Drivers License/Texas ID Card/Mexican ID
  • Child's Insurance Card - Medicaid/Chip/Private
  • Medicaid Benefits Letter
  • WIC Card
  • Proof of ECI-(Early Childhood Intervention)if applicable

Have you ever thought, "Does my child need to stay home from school today?"  If you are not sure then use the chart above to see if they need to stay at home.  For the health of your child and others please do not send your child to school sick 

Prekindergarten School Supplies

 2 boxes Classic 10 color markers (with Pink & Gray)

2 Spiral Notebooks -One Black, one Red-One subject WIDE RULE

1 box EXPO markers

2 boxes 24 count regular crayons

1 pkg. medium safety pins

2 bottles of glue

1 can shaving cream

12 glue sticks

1 pkg manila paper

1 blanket or towel for naptime1 average size backpack (NO WHEELS)  


1 COMPLETE change of clothing including underwear and socks.      Please put your child's name in everything.

To help with the cost of supplies, Palestine ISD will provide the following items.

 Baby wipes                                                                                                                       Disinfecting wipes                                                                                                             Ziplock bags—Quart and Gallon sizes                                                                             Kleenex                                 





Family Engagement Plan

The PISD plan will provide ongoing campus-family relationship, and provide parents with opportunities to participate in district and campus initiatives.




  1. Facilitate family-to-family support


    1. PISD will provide ongoing services and support to parents through planned family events, where families will be united and provide opportunities to interact with one another in a positive and welcoming atmosphere.
    2. PISD will guide families in working at home with students on literacy. Language, social skill development and positive family communication.


      • PK to kindergarten transitions to Northside
      • Character parade
      • Classroom parties
      • Field trips
      • Parent training each month with brunch provided and informative information by community guest speakers.
      • Beginning and end of year family survey



  2. Establish a network of community resources


    1. PISD will seek out community businesses and local agencies to provide a transparent partnership between school, community, and the home. The community and local agencies will assist in identifying and meeting the needs of families.
    2. Create a working list of organizations to collaborate with in order to provide needed information and resources.


      • Nutrition-WIC
      • Dental
      • GED
      • Special education services
      • Conscious Discipline
      • DPS/ car seat safety
      • County extension office
      • Documented referrals
      • East Texas Food Bank
      • Goodwill
      • Churches
      • Multi-culture center
      • Community Services
      • Social services

        (All meetings provide bilingual translation/support)



  3. Increase family participation in decision-making


    1. Family participation will become a routine part of decision making.
    2. Family involvement in the family engagement plan.
    3. Encourage families to participate in the Campus improvement plan.
    4. Foster the family confidence in regards to their abilities to positively address the needs of their children as well as building positive relationships with the schools.
    5. Assist in achieving and maintaining high levels of family involvement and positive family attitudes towards education.

      • Provide feedback and input on Family Engagement Plan
      • Parent/Teacher conferences
      • Parent Volunteers
      • Policy council
      • Campus Improvement Plan
      • District Improvement Plan
      • Family Engagement Plan
      • School Calendar
      • Home visits
      • Parent Orientation



  4. Equip families with tools to enhance and extend learning


    1. Parent training will provide modeling, question/answers, to support positive and emotional information for families at home.
    2. Best practices for age appropriate development.


      • CLI parent information
      • Frog Street parent information
      • Field trips
      • Transition meetings
      • Community speakers
      • District speakers

  5. Develop staff skills in evidence-based practices that support families in meeting their children’s learning benchmarks

    1. Professional Development will be an ongoing resource to educators to improve parent communication. Promote Family engagement as a core strategy to improve teaching and learning among all staff.


      • District Professional development
      • Campus Staff Development
      • Region 7 training
      • Evaluation of plans
      • Conscious discipline



  6. Evaluate family engagement efforts and use evaluations for continuous improvement


  1. Document and monitor family involvement activities and assess the needs of families.
  2. Address family surveys
  3. Set goals at home visits, conferences, etc. to identify strengths, interests, and needs


  • Sign in sheets at all family engagements events. Ex. Field trips, parties, fall fests, etc.
  • Parent information for future parent events

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